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Hedgehog Gutter Brush

Gutter Clean

The hedgehog gutter brush is an award-winning market leader gutter guard which comes with a 10 year guarantee. Made with UV coated polypropylene bristles and a stainless core to create a long lasting barrier against leaves and moss entering your gutter channel. These are available in 100mm, 150mm and 200mm diameters meaning they fit 99% of gutters. Once the hedgehogs have been placed in your guttering they are then secured in using gutter brush clips to ensure they stay seated during all weather conditions.

DownPipe Protector

Gutter Guard

For only £5 per down pipe while cleaning your gutters we can supply and fit these guards to your down pipes.

When we are at your home clearing the debris from your gutters it may be worth considering adding this nifty little guard to your homes down pipe to offer protection from blockages further down the line. As the gutters are angled to ensure all water is flowing towards your downpipes this also means loose bits of debris end up flowing with the rain water down the down pipe. If the gutters are heavily soiled this then can lead to the debris getting caught on the down pipes bends and causing a blockage on these bends or even worse could lead to blocked drains meaning the water is unable to exit your guttering correctly which results in an overflowing gutter and eventually could cause damage to the guttering meaning gutter repairs will be needed.

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