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Our Gutter Cleaning Service in Wolverhampton

We can clean gutters wherever they may be, this also includes those hard to reach inaccessible gutters that homeowners are unable to access, for example; those over extensions and conservatorys. Our gutter vacuum system is able to clean gutters up to 40ft (12 metres) high from the ground and our 10-meter triple extension ladders rarely get beaten on domestic propertys gutters. If you do have a larger property, do not worry our team are fully IPAF and PASMA accredited to use access hire for those gutters higher than 12 meters. As standard, our services include – a free down pipe check and unblock if necessary, free water flow check and after photos showing your gutters are fully cleared for peace of mind.

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Gutter Cleaning Prices in Wolverhampton

All gutters cleared, down pipes unblocked, water flow check and before and after photos from only £50.


All gutters cleared, down pipes unblocked, water flow check and before and after photos from only £50


All gutters cleared, down pipes unblocked, water flow check and before and after photos from only £50


All gutters cleared, down pipes unblocked, water flow check and before and after photos from only £75


All gutters cleared, down pipes unblocked, water flow check and before and after photos from only £80


Please call us on 01902 213232 to arrange a free site survey.

If you have an emergency please call us on 01902 213232

If you receive a cheaper like for like written quotation then please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to beat and if not match the price.

Gutter Unblocking Wolverhampton

Gutter Cleaning Price Match Guarantee

Here at Gutter Cleaning Wolverhampton our prices will not be beaten by any reputable company.

If for any reason you do receive a cheaper like for like written quotation from a reputable company (with a website) we will be more than happy to beat their price and guarantee you will not be disappointed with our service from your first initial contact to job completion. 

Book our service with confidence as we are 100% committed to giving you the best price and service possible. 

As a small family run business built by our reputation we strive for nothing but supplying the best service possible on every job undertaken and never leave any gutter cleaning job with an unhappy customer. 

Our service will be eligible for a price match promise if it matches our service – please ensure the written quote you have received includes all guttering cleared, down pipes checked and unblocked if necessary, a water flow check, before and after photos and the company are fully insured with a website. Simply send us a copy of their quotation and we will 100% beat the price.

Free Gutter Health Check

Gutter Cleaning Wolverhampton offer a FREE gutter health check so If you can see debris growing from your gutter or have noticed a your gutters leaking or overflowing when it rains, give us a call for your free gutter health check.
Our heath check includes:
Examine all gutters to make sure they are clear
Checking down pipes are clear
Ensuring all seals, brackets, connectors, hoppers, outlets and gutters are in full working order.

Reasons to have your gutters cleaned

Gutters that are blocked with leaves moss and growing plants do not function correctly.
Due to the fact that gutters have a vital task in removing all of the rain water from your roof to the grounds drains it's essential they are in working order.
Blocked gutters can cause serious damage to your home, with the poor weather we have here in England, neglecting your gutters can lead to many costly repairs due to the overflowing water being pushed against your property.
If you notice any damp or moisture issues within your home then it stands a high chance your guttering requires attention.
Like the old saying goes prevention is better than cure.
Not only is prevention better but it is also a lot cheaper, a simple annual maintenance clean to your homes gutters could save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds of further problems down the line.
Ultimately you can avoid unnecessary and expensive repairs by carrying out those small jobs now.

Damage blocked gutters can cause to your home
Damages to your building exterior
Damage to your windows and doors
Damp issues
Internal damage to plaster, décor and electrics
Damage to your propertys foundations

Gutter Unblocking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I need professional gutter cleaning?

Your gutters are a vital part in your homes drainage system so it’s vital they are maintained. Using our professional gutter vacuum system we are able to empty your gutters safely and efficiently whilst also carrying out any repairs while we are there.

What types of gutters can you clean?

We clean and repair all types of gutters.

Grass is growing out of my guttering; Can you remove it?

Yes, chunks of grass growing in gutters are quite common on homes that do not keep up on the maintenance of their gutters and we remove these daily.

Are you fully insured and trained?

Yes, we hold 5 million pound public and employees liability insurance and hold many accreditations.

Do you cover my area?

Yes, we cover all areas in and around Wolverhampton

Do I have to be home?

No, we have many customers who aren’t at home when we are booked in to clean their gutters. As long as we can gain access to the front and back of your property then there is no need for anyone to be home. If you would prefer to be there when the work is undertaken then that is not a problem, we fully understand.

How do I know if my gutters need cleaning?

Have you had your gutters cleared in the last 12 months? If the answer is no then it’s time to remove that muck.

The other signs you may notice are debris showing from the gutter line, water leaking or over flowing and moss falling onto your drive/patio.

How long will it take?

This varies on the size of your home.

On average the process takes no longer than 1-2 hours

My neighbours gutters are joined, should I still have them cleared?

Yes to stop any over flowing water onto your exterior walls. If you have your own down pipe or if the down pipe is on your side of the property then these will be checked/unblocked also.

Will it be cheaper if my neighbour has theirs cleaned at the same time?

Yes, if we clear more than one property in the same street we can offer a discount due to the fact that we are already in your area.

Please call to receive your discounted price

How can I pay?

We accept cash and bank transfer, unfortunately we no longer accept cheques.

How do I know my gutters are really cleaned as I can't check?

Once we have completed the job photos are taken of every gutter to show they are fully clear of debris, if no one is at home during your gutter clean these will be emailed along with your invoice upon request.

My gardener/window cleaner says they can clean them cheaper, why should I use you?

Because we are gutter specialists and are fully insured/trained, if your gardener/window cleaner was to accidentally damage your guttering by leaning their ladder up against them or was to accidentally damage your homes exterior or even worse have an injury, are they insured to be working on your property? If there is a repair in need of being fixed do they really know how to repair these correctly? All our staff hold public liability insurance and are guttering specialists, if there is a problem we know how to solve it.

It’s always best to hire a professional, as the old saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’.

How long will they stay clean?

This varies on your surroundings but most homes undertake an annual clean which is normally efficient enough.

Why are my gutters leaking, how do I know what is causing this?

This can be down to many factors, without coming to take a look it’s hard to say but the most common leaks are caused by either blocked down pipes which causes the gutters to back fill and then overflow as the water has nowhere to exit or a detached/faulty joint. Visit our gutter repair page for more information

How long do gutters last?

uPVC gutters normally have a life span of around 25-35 years depending on the manufacturer. After this length of time the gutters start to become weak and brittle with the seals starting to fail and the uPVC starting to fade.

What methods do you use?

90% of the time we tend to use our gutter vacuum system along with our gutter cleaning poles but if a fault is found or there is a major blockage on the down pipe then we have ladders to hand to deal with these. This is why all our team members carry 10 meter triple ladders on board so there’s no job we can’t deal with.

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